People & Public Lands

“I felt my lungs inflate with the onrush of scenery-- air, mountains, trees, people. I thought, 'This is what it is to be happy.'” – Sylvia Plath

4 People,  public lands are a gateway to worlds unknown. Adventure, curiosity, belonging, education, a deeper connection to not only the natural world, but to ourselves-- all are side effects of wading in peaceful rivers, hiking through towering pine forests, and camping under an infinite number of stars

Good to us in more ways than we are able to enumerate, public lands benefit their excited visitors spiritually, physically, and mentally. From stress relief to providing gathering places for different social groups, rediscovering the childhood joy of curiosity to learning about the Leave No Trace Principles, getting into nature is important for everyone to experience.
All of those benefits said, not everyone feels comfortable outside. From worries about skill level to a skewed diversity ratio, our public lands don't generate the same feeling of welcoming in every visitor. Wild Tribute is committed to getting more folks into nature. We believe that our public lands are 4 the People, and that everyone deserves a place outside. For this reason, we donate to organizations that support environmental education, land stewardship, and equitable access in the outdoors.
Last, while our natural wilds and our connectivity to such are core to our being, the history celebrated within our parks and public lands are equally important. The stories, told and untold, about our history in the places we champion as a nation are diverse, rich in perspective, and the fabric of who we are. Wild Tribute is committed to supporting initiatives that inspire through history while also ensuring current generations are connected with past generations to maintain cultures and traditions. Some of these initiatives include Native America Speaks in Glacier, Paiute Tribe in Bryce Canyon, and Navajo at Hubbel Trading Post.

Our 4 the People Programs

Recreational scholarships for Wasatch Adaptive Sports

Big City Mountaineers Youth Programming

Paiute Youth Camp in Bryce Canyon

Product Donations to Vietnam Veterans of America

No Limits Program at Yosemite

Care Programs at Best Friends Animal Society

Parks for Everyone Program

Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado Cairn Youth Program

Donated Product for Wasatch Adaptive Programming

Volunteers for America Product Donation