Wild Tribute FAQ

Returns & Exchanges

Wild Tribute insists that you only keep clothing which you truly enjoy, thus it must fit and look as desired!  Please contact us right away if you are not entirely satisfied with your purchase.  If you need to exchange or return a product, please click here.

Where can I find additional sizing information?

Wild Tribute′s apparel comes in a range of styles and fit. Please refer to the sizing guide and product descriptions located within the individual product page for product-specific detail.

Best practices: Washing Instructions?

  • Wash garment inside-out with like colors in cold water on a delicate wash-cycle
  • Use liquid detergent when possible
  • Air-drying is highly recommended

Where do our "4 the Parks" donations go?

Our trusted partners range from household name stewards of our public lands (e.g., Grand Canyon Conservancy, National Forest Foundation) to smaller and medium sized non-profit organizations that more often than not are the boots on the ground respective to the parks and locations they support. 

How is the donation made and at what frequency?

We keep record of our gross sales volume on a quarterly basis, multiply that number by 4%, and distribute the pooled donations to our recognized partners and various projects of need that are identified elsewhere along the way. Writing a check never felt so good! AND we get to do it multiple times throughout the year!

In a nutshell, what do Wild Tribute's charitable partners do with the donated funds?

  • Infrastructure maintenance including facilities, roads, and trails
  • Educational programs
  • Conservation programs and research
  • Improved access to underserved demographics
  • Expansion of protected lands and cultural interests

Is Wild Tribute's product sold within our parks, forests, and other public lands?

Yes! Our product is sold within the majority of our most popular National Parks across the country. You also can find our product within the Visitor Centers and Gift Shops scattered within our National Forests, State Parks, and the like. A sampling of our footprint can be found here.

Wild Tribute also is sold in traditional retail locations ranging from those found in gateway communities to big box stores around the nation. If you have an inquiry respective to where our product is sold outside of our public lands, please reach out to us at support@wildtribute.com. 

Is Wild Tribute environmentally conscious?  If so, how?

Wild Tribute is committed to the planet and sustainability is at the forefront of every decision we make. Examples include….


Wild Tribute uses recycled Kraft tissue paper to wrap and protect clothing during shipping. Paper is acid free, USA made, and made from 100% recycled fibers. This eco-friendly tissue paper takes the place of plastic bags which are extremely harmful to the environment.

Manufacturing Facilities:

The majority of our clothing is produced with low-impact dyes, natural wash methods, biodegradable fabric softeners, and natural enzymes for finishing. Low-impact dyes in clothing do not contain heavy metals or toxic substances that have high fixation rates (75% or greater), thus less dye is utilized to generate colors which mitigates negative externalities.


We seek partners who are aligned with our interests…purpose beyond profit. For example, to manufacture our hang tags we utilize a company, Printing for Less, based in Montana largely because of their commitment to being green. Printing For Less uses vegetable based inks, biodegradable packaging, and solvent free UV coatings which has earned them a tri-certification for responsible paper sourcing. Last but not least their entire facility is 100% wind powered!

Why no longer Flow397, now Wild Tribute?

Same mission, different name, different look...we remain the brand that loves our national parks and public lands as much as you!  To read more about the story behind our re-brand, click here.