Care Programs at Best Friends Animal Society

Care Programs at Best Friends Animal Society

Our 4% donations went toward a variety of programs at Best Friends Animal Society. Keeping our loyal four-legged friends healthy and ready for the next adventure is paramount. Some of those initiatives include: 

Senior Pet Care: At the Sanctuary and at our lifesaving centers throughout the nation, all senior pets get the healing and attention they need to start over. Whether they need hydrotherapy, acupuncture, laser therapy or medicine. Whether they like strolls on busy sidewalks, rides in golf carts or hikes on dusty trails. With this gift, you’ll give senior pets everything they need to feel good and be happy.

Fresh Start Program: For a homeless pet, a fresh start means much more than a shampoo or a haircut — it’s a second chance. With a good grooming to ensure healing and happiness, this gift gives the animals that second chance, helping them to forget their long, hard journey. It also helps them to look and feel their best, so they can take beautiful adoption photos and catch the eyes of new families.

Therapeutic Package: Many animals at Best Friends need physical therapy, hydrotherapy, acupuncture or pain management — whether it’s for recovery, weight loss or general mobility. The gift of a therapeutic package ensures access to the specialized skills and equipment used for that kind of care, like the hydro tank, laser therapy, wobble boards, therapy balls and more.

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