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Scholarship Program for Wasatch Adaptive

Scholarship Program for Wasatch Adaptive

Our 4% donation went towards supporting more Utahns with adaptive needs to be able to experience the power of recreation.

Specifically, our donation will support the overall programming needs including the scholarship program that we provide to our students, which 96% of students utilize to have affordable access to recreational opportunities.

A typical private lesson costs Wasatch Adaptive Sports about $106, excluding the cost of the specialty equipment needed, ski passes, training for instructors, etc. With your support, we are able to offer our lessons at a lower price to all of our students and offer it either at a discount price or completely free through the scholarship program. December lesson numbers increased by 50% from the previous season, which means your support, now more than ever, helps us meet the growing need for accessible recreation here in UT.

Your support is helping us break down barriers to entry for participation, which does include our group lesson format that enhances representation for skiers with disabilities and is made accessible by the scholarship program that your donation contributes to.

Learn more about Wasatch Adaptive here.

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