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Mt. Elbert Reconstruction Project

Mt. Elbert Reconstruction Project

Our 4% donations went toward a multi-year trail reconstruction project on Colorado's tallest peak-- Mt. Elbert.

2023 will be the third and final year of work on this trail.

In 2021, CFI began a multi-year new trail reconstruction project on the North Ridge route of Mount Elbert. In 2022, a four-person CFI crew worked alongside a Rocky Mountain Youth Corps crew to perform heavy maintenance, realignment and reconstruction work. Much of this addressed a blown-out section high on the route (12,800′-13,800′) that involves technical rigging work, as well as a reroute on the false summit. Work is also focused near and below tree line to add structures to a steep portion of the existing trail that is experiencing erosion and braiding.

You can learn more about this initiative here

You can learn more about Colorado Fourteeners Initiative here

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