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Plein Air in Colorado National Monument

Plein Air in Colorado National Monument

Tucked away near Grand Junction, Colorado and hidden from the artery of I-70, Colorado National Monument easily can be overlooked by westward or eastward travelers. For the unfortunate unsuspecting eyes who don't afford the time to explore Rim Rock Drive, regret is often instantaneous upon learning about this pocket of beauty. Celebrating Colorado National Monument's canyon landscape of red rock, wildlife habitat, and vast panoramas, the Colorado National Monument Association hosts its annual Monuments and Canyons Plein Air Invitational.

Artists from all over the country, as well as local talent, come to the Park to set up their easels and shape what they see through brush strokes and creative genius. The en plein air painting event raises money for the Association to further its mission, while perhaps adding more visual argument to the greater national conversation suggesting Colorado National Monument is worthy of becoming a National Park. For our part, Wild Tribute created a custom design for the event and provided apparel for participants to incentivize greater participation. Considering the talent  assembled coupled with our sweet spot for Plein Air and our appreciation for this unheralded gem, the honor was ours.

Colorado National Monument Association (CNMA), a nonprofit organization, exists solely to assist and support Colorado National Monument. Proceeds from its retail operations, memberships, and donations support the monument’s  educational, interpretive, and scientific programs, helping visitors better understand and connect to this premier geologic and recreational gem in Western Colorado.

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