Stay Wild Winter Hoodie Sweatshirt

$ 64.99

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Pack up your Jeep, Land Cruiser, or other adventure rig...it's time to hit the winter mountains! Stay wild in this mountain hoodie!

Support the parks with this stay wild sweatshirt. Free shipping on orders more than $100.

Width Length
Small 38-40 26.5
Medium 40-42 27.5
Large 42-44 28.5
XL 44-46 29.5
XXL 46-48 30.5

This is it. Your go-to heather grey sweatshirt. The one you look forward to wearing on long road trips, cool nights around the campfire and lounging around. This Stay Wild hoodie is incredibly comfortable and is still soft and fuzzy after a few washes.


52% Polyester 
48% Cotton 

Washing Instructions

Always wash inside-out in cold water on a delicate cycle. Liquid detergent if possible. Air-drying is highly recommended.

Wild Tribute donates 4% of its proceeds (revenues not profits) to support our parks, forests, and public lands. With your support, our donations have eclipsed $1,000,000. This is our "Wild Tribute".

Winter Sports in America are intrinsically and historically tied to our National Forests, thus all donations from our Winter Collection are donated "4 the Forests". Together, our "4 the Forests" donations have contributed to the National Forest Foundation's efforts to plant 50 million trees and improve trails across America with their “Summer of Trails” campaign.

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