4 the Parks

Conscious Business 4 the Parks

Conscious Business 4 the Parks

Bold.  Recognizing revenue and profits are necessary for a business to survive but purpose beyond income is what make a business thrive.  Brazen.  Creating value for not only the shareholder, but the shareholders of our country and on a larger scale, our planet.  Presumptuous, yet absolute.  Business is the most powerful man-made force on the planet.

Too often we allow the mistakes of others overshadow the good.  Yes, banks are oversized and corporate scandal frequents our headlines; however, the power of commerce has a much brighter, positive side.  This known fact has been exploited by many past and present, but the time is now to fully embrace the capacity of capitalism and leverage it for the benefit of all.

While the idea of social responsibility won’t strike anyone as new, a different argument can be made pertaining to the concept of conscious business and there within conscious consumption.  A mission that demands transparent, actionable impact changes the long-standing ho-hum meaning of Corporate Responsibility.  

At Wild Tribute, we opted to never lose sight of why we're in business by marrying the notion of why we do what we do - 4 the Parks - to our financial commitment of 4%.  Keep it simple, right? No matter what, when money comes in, money goes out in the greatest capacity possible not only for the welfare of our parks and public lands, but for the betterment of us all.   

Our passion to uphold and protect where legacy roams within America's Best Idea led us to recognize the government and nonprofit sector cannot adequately accommodate this task on their own.  The power of business may very well be the linchpin to ensure our national parks and public lands are enjoyed for the benefit of all in the generations to come.  Wild Tribute may be a small piece to the entire equation but perhaps a catalyst of much more.  Support us in our efforts and join us in the everyday pursuit 4 the Parks, together we can make a difference!

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Wild Tribute was founded to honor our parks, forests, and oceans. We donate 4% of our proceeds to support America's historic and wild places. Our designs pay tribute to where legacy roams.