Redwood Parks Conservancy Matching Grant

Redwood Parks Conservancy Matching Grant

Coastal Redwoods are an imposing and influential presence. Timeless as they are majestic, it's difficult to calibrate their unique importance respective to biological genome and human humility. Redwood Parks Conservancy safeguards the continuum of both, and so much more.

This year, Wild Tribute's 4 the Parks donations were a matching grant that incentivized donors to give generously knowing their gifts would be doubled by Wild Tribute. The success of the fundraiser generated unique storylines of impact that transcended our realm of imagination. 

Interested in what it takes to be an ocean lifeguard? How about immersing yourself in an indigenous Yurok Tribal Village? Or what about fully grasping the protocol required to nurture a 1,200 year old tree? Click here to learn more about how far our donations stretched, and just how diversified their contributions came to be.

Since 1977 the Redwood Parks Conservancy has upheld its mission as the official non-profit partner to its coalition of National and State Parks by working to foster understanding, enjoyment, and stewardship through education, visitor services, and support of its agency partners who manage our public lands.

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