Donated to Utah State Parks Large Tree Planting Initiative

With the support of sponsors, members, community support programs and donations, it is the goal of Friends of Utah State Parks to help restore and enhance the aesthetics of Utah State Parks' campgrounds, beaches and other park areas by providing matching funding and planting new trees.

Program goals are to:

  • Grant matching fund assistance to plant 50 trees (10-15’) each year for the next 10 years,
  • Promote and increase a healthy tree canopy within Utah State Parks to be good stewards of our environment,
  • Enhance the landscape of our state parks and the enjoyment of park visitors,
  • Provide a hands-on educational experience for park visitors, and
  • Collaborate with local community partner organizations and individuals.

Wild Tribute donated a portion of our 4 the Parks proceeds to the Utah State Parks Large Tree Initiative. Learn more about the initiative here.