Air monitoring system for Joshua Tree National Park

If you’ve ever been to Joshua Tree National Park, you know what a fragile and delicate ecosystem exists there. It’s part of the beauty of that park, and our Wild Tribute team understands why efforts to improve air quality there are imperative.  The barriers to monitoring the air quality in such a remote place are plentiful, so the need for donors to step up in this situation is plain to see. Wild Tribute donations in 2019 to the Joshua Tree National Park Association and the National Park Service will go towards finding where the problems exist and how best to solve them. It’s one of our favorite spots, and we’re doing all we can to ensure it’s stability for generations to come.

Joshua Tree National Park Association is a private, non-profit Cooperating Association working in partnership with Joshua Tree National Park to help in its achievement of programming goals in education, interpretation, scientific and historic research and activities.