Development of the Eastern Park Entrance in Zion National Park

Development of the Eastern Park Entrance in Zion National Park

It's not lost on the visitor the grandeur of Zion National Park can often be offset by the crowds experienced in the canyon. Working with the Zion Forever Project, the National Park Service is in the process of executing plans to develop the remote Eastern Entrance of the park. A system of new trails will offer access points and new portals of adventure within the Zion Wilderness that largely is difficult to experience today. Beyond the opportunity to explore new wonders in the park, this development will help mitigate the increasing congestion in the canyon. Not to mention, the East Entrance to Zion in our opinion might be one of the most beautiful inroads to the heart of one of the most majestic National Parks in the country.

For this reason amongst the others aforementioned, we were thrilled to contribute to the cause this year. Learn more about the Zion Forever Project's initiatives related to the East Entrance here.


The Zion National Park Forever Project is the combination of the Zion Natural History Association, the Zion Canyon Field Institute, and the Zion National Park Foundation. The organization's primary mission is to raise awareness and funding to preserve Zion and its sister parks in perpetuity.  Click here to learn more.

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