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Coral Camp for Kids Program and Discover Coral Reefs School Programs

Coral Camp for Kids Program and Discover Coral Reefs School Programs

Our 4% donations went toward Coral Camp for Kids Program and Discover Coral Reefs School Programs.

The Discover Coral Reefs School Program:

This program provides ocean education to over 6,000 K-12th grade students from public and private schools throughout the Florida Keys.

The Discover Coral Reefs School Program, teaches K- 12th grade students from Key West to Miami the importance of ocean and coastal ecosystems through activities in the classroom and on the water. The program supplements the current science curriculum of these schools by focusing on marine science lessons that are of particular importance to students and families residing in Florida.

The Coral Camp Summer Program:

This program uses interactive activities and field trips to teach children 6- 14 years of age about ocean ecology, coral reefs, marine life and sustainability. Camp activities include lessons on identification of common corals, fish, and invertebrates, oceanography, tides, symbiosis, snorkel etiquette and leave no trace principles.

Each year Reef Relief offers scholarships sponsored by local businesses and community members so that children regardless of income have a chance to participate in this unique program. Over the summer, 260 local and vacationing youth will take part in the program.

Learn more about Reef Relief here.

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