Securing Water Quality Protections for California's Underwater Parks

With a fresh focus on our "4 the Oceans" initiative, Wild Tribute's 4% donations helped secure water quality protections for California's underwater parks. California’s network of marine protected areas provides our ocean with a strong buffer against human disturbance and climate change, providing us with ‘hope spots’ that enhance marine biodiversity in a changing future.

Unfortunately, most marine protected areas in California lack water quality protections, meaning that these beautiful underwater parks remain susceptible to pollution that washes off our coast and into the ocean. California Coastkeeper Alliance is working with state decision makers to develop the first new marine water quality protections in 46 years, starting with marine protected areas in the North, Central, and South coasts. Our 4% donations wen toward new protections that will allow our marine reserves to do what they do best – protect our marine life and habitat in the face of climate change.

California Coastkeeper Alliance is a nonprofit organization that uses law, policy, and science to fight for clean water for all Californians. CCKA unites community-based California Waterkeeper programs, spanning the coast from the Oregon border to San Diego. CCKA draws strength from the local communities they represent. They start on the ground, where member Waterkeepers work and carry issues of local concern to the appropriate decision maker - whether that is at the regional, state, or national level.

Learn more about California Coastkeeper Alliance here.