Our ambassadors embody everything the Wild Tribute brand represents.  They have a healthy respect for Mother Nature and all she provides, in particular America's most treasured lands and places.  Put simply, these adventure riddled, down to earth, genuinely fine folks are the epitome of the Wild Tribute Lifestyle.

Shane Black - Central Ohio

Growing up and spending all of my life in central Ohio really made me appreciate all the incredible places that are out there. I had never been to the west coast or seen mountains or night skies not filled with light pollution until my first trip to Oregon in the fall of 2012.  On that trip I got to see mountains, towering waterfalls, beautiful reflective lakes, and even the northern lights and it really changed my perspectives on what could truly make me happy and feel at peace. I'm a very quiet and humble person, so getting to enjoy the peacefulness of nature and being humbled by my surroundings really makes it feel like home away from home.  Check out my adventures on Instagram at @shanemichaelblack or my website

Scott Kranz - Seattle, WA

Scott Kranz hails from the great Pacific Northwest.  A Minnesota native, Scott has lived in Seattle since 2013 and has come to love hiking, snowshoeing, mountaineering, rock climbing, photography, and anything outdoors.  When he is not exploring Washington State’s Cascade and Olympic mountain ranges, Scott loves to travel to the United States’ other outdoor wonders, including the national and state parks in Oregon, Montana, Utah, and California.  Scott’s photography can be viewed on Instagram (username @scott_kranz) and on his own website  Scott is both stoked and honored to be part of Wild Tribute's mission and is eager to share his love for America's Best Idea to the world.

Tiffany Nguyen - Redondo Beach, CA

Born and raised in Southern California, I went to the Ostrow School of Dentistry of USC and am currently practicing dentistry in Redondo Beach.  My love for the outdoors was first sparked during an adventure to my first national park and I’ve been hooked ever since.  By always saying yes to adventure, I’ve explored so many incredible places and have grown to have such a huge appreciation for everything that nature has to offer.  Adventure fuels me; I love the challenge and reward of venturing into the unknown.  Whether I’m scuba diving with sharks in the Bahamas or hiking to the top of the highest waterfall in North America, I can’t get enough of the feeling of discovery; it drives me to get outside and keep exploring.  For more details on all my adventures, follow me @tiffpenguin on Instagram!

Elise Sturck - Wyoming

Elise Sterck is a social influencer with a passion for traveling, environmental protection, and mountain sports.  Photographing the places she gets to experience has become a recent pursuit, as she wants to be able to share the beauty of the natural world with those around her.  Follow her adventures on Instagram at @roundtheworldgirl!

Andrew Studer - Portland, OR

Andrew is a 20 year old professional outdoor photographer from Portland Oregon.  While his work includes images from around the world, he is passionate about his home state of Oregon where he enjoys weekly backpacking and camping trips as well as road trips with friends.  Check out Andrew's photography on Instagram @andrew.studer!

Christin Healey - Boulder, CO

The focus of Christin's photography is to capture the true essence of earth’s awe-inspiring beauty, from its backyard wonders to its wild, remote outposts.  From the serene to the dramatic, Christin works to incorporate elements of light, shadows, and natural contours into each landscape.  Some of her favorite places to shoot include Iceland, Patagonia, and the Pacific Northwest.  Check her out on Instagram @christinhealey.


Christina Warburg - Grand Teton National Park, WY

I grew up in the crowded suburbs of LA, but my parents, recognizing the need for the outdoors, would take us to a different national park for a month each summer and I quickly fell in love.  By the time I was in second grade, I had my heart set on being a Park Ranger.  Miraculously, I achieved that goal and from there I turned to photography to help capture and share the beauty I was experiencing with those still trapped at home.  I never anticipated how popular my photography would become, but am forever thankful that my instagram has been used to inspire so many people.  You can find me on Instagram @christinaadelephoto.

Jessica Dales - Seattle, WA

When I was little I loved to play in the woods behind my house.  That sense of wonder that I got from nature as a child never went away, and it’s still where I get my sense of adventure as an adult!  Always eager to learn and share my passion for the outdoors, I see every new exploration as an opportunity for self-growth.  I believe that our experiences shape our world view and ultimately who we are.  For this reason I’m an avid collector of experiences—whether it’s through hiking, backpacking, diving, or meeting new people.  Follow my adventures on Instagram @Jess.wandering.

Ryan Manuel - Devils Tower, WY

I am a Backcountry Biologist and Wildland Firefighter currently based in Wyoming.  I am an avid outdoorsman and adventure seeker who loves to travel both domestically and internationally.  Meeting like minded individuals around the world and joining up on adventures is something I am very passionate about.  Adventure-wise, I enjoy most everything and will try anything at least once; including, but not limited to: Backpacking, trail-running, climbing, and all things skiing.  I have worked in 18 different National Park units and visited countless others, so I am very excited to join the Wild Tribute team of ambassadors and support the parks in yet another positive way.  Feel free to follow along with my travel and adventures on instagram @Backcountry13.

Jacob Moon - Bountiful, UT

For as long as I can remember, I have always day dreamed about climbing mountains and what it must look like from their summits, but I'd never been to the top of one until 2009.  In 2009, while desperately looking for someone to join me, I finally just decided that I couldn't wait any longer, so I borrowed my parents camera and headed out to hike my first mountain.  A few hours later I was standing on top of Mount Timpanogos in Utah.  Up there I found my perfect flow and it changed my life.  Since then I have made a lot of new friends with similar interests and have been mastering the skills of mountaineering, rock climbing, ice climbing, backpacking, expedition leading, etc.  Check out my Instagram account @MoonMountainMan to follow my flow and get inspired #UpIGo.

Emily Dickey - Salt Lake City, UT

I feel lucky to call Utah my home.  Growing up, my parents always took our family on vacation to the mountains or to the desert and I learned to love the outdoors at an early age.  A couple of years ago, I purchased a camera and started to explore more of Utah, hoping to see and capture landscapes I hadn’t been to yet.  I didn’t realize how little I’ve seen until I tried to see everything!  (I am not even close to seeing everything!)  I love to climb mountains or wander in the desert, and I’m constantly amazed at how beautiful and diverse Utah can be.  I never imagined that I would be sharing my photography and adventures with so many people.  I hope to inspire others through my photography to get outside and go on their own adventures!  You can follow Emily on Instagram @ienjoyhiking and find her photography here.

Dustin Lefevre - Stansbury Park, UT

Dustin Lefevre is a Utah based photographer born with a desire to explore.  Having lived in Utah for most of his life, he has developed an intimate knowledge of, and love for the unique and diverse landscapes Utah has to offer.  As a natural night owl, Dustin has taken a special interest in night photography.  He is passionate about photography and is eager to share and help others develop their passion.  You can admire Dustin's photography on Instagram @dustinlefevre or at