Why we are 4 the Parks

Beyond our freedoms, our closet bond as a collective nation and down to the individual lies within the history, experiences, and memories established within our parks. We all aspire to leave a legacy of good, right? One way or the other, our parks and public lands are all our legacies.

We at Wild Tribute are park stewards, not to just ensure our most wild and historic places remain, but more selfishly to safeguard our preferred arena for adventure, thought, and inspiration, which in itself yields defining experiences that continuously drive our legacy beyond the one we share.

For the aforementioned reasons and a whole host of others, we #StandWithBearsEars and support the fight to #SaveGrandStairCase. It’s not lost on us that our federal and state governments have granted us the privilege of public lands in the first place and the subsequent freedoms to contest their merit. Without government, our platform for wild landscapes and historic reflection does not exist. It goes to say, we support governments’ critical role in this passionate debate, but our democracy has not upheld its promise.

The voices of those who passionately fought the good fight to uphold both the sanctity and magic of our parks were heard, but ignored. Today, tomorrow, and for generations to come, we risk losing what’s been hard won if short-sighted power plays and closed-door deals trump the desires of the People. Despite the challenges ahead, we will forge forward with hope and optimism doing our part to make a difference. Irrational forces can only be overcome with unity, perseverance, and passion. Where legacy roams, WE STAND.