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Tribute Outreach, Wild & Scenic Film Festival

Tribute Outreach, Wild & Scenic Film Festival

We were honored this month to put our #4theParks donations to work by supporting the Wild & Scenic Film Festival in Page, AZ on June 9, 2018 hosted by Glen Canyon Natural History Association. When presented with an opportunity to contribute directly to a project or cause, our ears always perk, and that’s exactly the circumstance here. The Glen Canyon Natural History Association’s (“GCNHA”) mandate is to help protect and preserve Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, Rainbow Bridge National Monument, Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument and other public lands of the Colorado Plateau through providing education and philanthropy. Quite the domain (and of course priceless mission), right?  

If the impetus of the Wild & Scenic Film Festival wasn’t enough, the fact this event is the GCNHA’s primary vehicle to engage its members made this a particularly convincing cause to endorse. It’s no secret the wilds of southern Utah that bleed across the border into northern Arizona are personally some of our most beloved treasures in the WORLD. Perhaps because they are one of kind or maybe it’s merely the fact so much remains to be discovered by the mainstream world of digital. One way or the other, the political turmoil surrounding these lands is unfathomable given their part of the story where legacy roams. Coyote Gulch, Death Hollow, Yellow Rock, White Pocket, and an expanse of others may not be household names but hold the same (if not greater) magic that’s found in Zion, Yellowstone, and the Grand Canyon.  

This is the 3rd year the GCNHA has hosted the Wild & Scenic Film Festival. In general, the Festival promotes and activates activism through topics relevant to local communities that are shared both nationally and globally, reminding us we’re participants in a movement for a more wild and scenic world. This year’s production, held outdoors at John C. Page Memorial Park, included seven films with the feature film, STRAWS, placing focus on the compounding effect nominal everyday accessories can have on the environment if not appropriately addressed. The evening was capped by a fundraising raffle with prizes from donors and sponsors. 

Our Tribute Outreach is defined by our financial support of inspiring organizations such as the GCNHA and their philanthropic brethren throughout our public lands. Corporate and individual backing is what makes these grassroot organizations tick, and in turn the related magic to be found within the wild and historic places they support. Join us, adopt the #4theParks movement and help where you can! We’re here to guide you if you have questions regarding such! 

More about the GCNHA: The Association operates interpretive sales at seven visitor centers within the Colorado Plateau. Memberships to the organization supports the Association's efforts to connect people to public landscapes and its partners. The Association manages donation funds for agency partners in the areas of Science, Historic Preservation, Trails, Education, Every Kid in the Park, Dark Skies, Visitor Services and more. Become a member today!

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