Featuring our National Parks, Wild Tribute Productions

Featuring our National Parks, Wild Tribute Productions

Embodying the merits of the Wild Tribute brand is what we strive to carry out in our daily business regimen. Pursuing adventure and employing appreciation for our National Parks and public lands in our free time is a constant. We illustrate such through our product as well as branding in both the physical and digital world, but to bring it home, we wanted to do more. As a result, we bring you Wild Tribute Productions, featuring our National Parks and public lands. We’re thankful for Scott Kranz, who brought the magic behind the camera and in the editing studio (if you don’t already know Scott, do yourself a favor and follow him on Instagram). We’re also grateful for an aptly named band, The National Parks, who strikes every chord just right in not only the soundtrack for these videos, but also the basis in why we do what we do  4 the Parks. Without further ado, we present Wild Tribute productions.

You can find an outline of our Youtube channel below:

Wild Tribute | About Us

Easy enough, this video is our anthem, bringing to life why we do what we do 4 the Parks. We all want to leave a legacy of good, right? Our Parks and public lands are all of our legacies. Together, we can…AND WILL make a difference.

Wild Tribute National Parks Celebration

Few things are as inspiring and uplifting than the ultimate recognition our Parks and public lands are ours. The primary storyline here is simple, we pay tribute to America’s most wild and historic places to reflect our gratitude and reverence for everything they represent.

Wild Tribute in the Tetons

Road Trips often epitomize are grandest memories, and nothing defines freedom more than the great American Road Trip to our nation’s most treasured landscapes. Buckle up for adventures new and old in one our favorite places, Grand Teton National Park.

Sketch Videos

Watch designs that pay tribute to where legacy roams come together from start to finish. Our right-hand man, Jared Kohn, never seizes to impress. #4theParks

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Wild Tribute was founded to honor our parks, forests, and oceans. We donate 4% of our proceeds to support America's historic and wild places. Our designs pay tribute to where legacy roams.