At Badlands National Park there are almost 1200 wild American Bison that roam the plains.

Our corporate branding was created to show our support and advocacy for the preservation and stewardship of our treasured open spaces.  Having an American Bison in the logo as the centerpiece of the trio (land, flora, wildlife) was no accident, as the Granddaddy of native American wild species we couldn’t resist.  And, it’s just really cool.

Congress created the National Bison Legacy Act, and President Obama signed it into law in 2016 citing its significance in our “American Story”. It’s now officially our National Mammal, if you care to note. American Bison used to exist on our continent in colossal herds, whose grassland range stretched from Alaska to the Gulf of Mexico. The tragedy of their near extinction is well noted, but the recovery efforts that began in the mid-20thcentury are as worthy of notoriety. The effort to rescue what was left, estimated at fewer than 600 animals, to the almost 31,000 living today in conservation herds is a testimony to the hard work and cooperation of America’s park institutions.

At Badlands National Park there are almost 1200 wild American Bison that roam more than 80,000 acres of plains.  As an integral part of the ecosystem, they’re survival and ability to withstand the harsh extremes of nature in South Dakota has proven critical to the endurance of numerous species there.  The Bison happily roam on and munch prairie grasses, creating the right environment for prairie dogs to thrive, bringing with them predators from both the land and the sky.  Just recently, an initiative by key park partners including the National Park Foundation and the Badlands Natural History Association led to an expansion of the roaming boundaries of the Bison by adding 22,000 acres to their current space, making the overall size of their habitat more than 1 ½ times the size of Manhattan. 

In partnering with the BNHA and the National Park Service, Wild Tribute helped to purchase tracking collars for the Bison to send back information that is critical to help understand where the herd is moving, and how the herd is utilizing the dedicated park lands they inhabit.

The American Bison has been moved from “Endangered” to “Near Threatened” as a species listing; there’s still quite a bit of rewarding work to be done.  You can bet that Wild Tribute will be there to help. With your continued support of our mission, together we can and will make a difference.  4 The Parks!

Founded in 1959, Badlands Natural History Association is a not-for-profit organization established to support education and research efforts at Badlands National Park.