Reintroduction of California Condors to Redwoods National and State Parks

Wild Tribute's 4% donations aided the reintroduction of California Condors to Redwoods National and State Parks. Yep, in spring 2022 condors will return to the Redwoods! In a major effort to restore the California condor population, the National Park Service, Yurok Tribe, National Park Foundation, PG&E and many others have collaborated to reintroduce condors to traditional Yurok territory in Redwood National Park.

The reintroduction and management of California condors (Gymnogyps californianus) is one of the Yurok Tribe’s flagship conservation projects. The Yurok Tribe, National Park Service, and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service are partners in the Northern California Condor Restoration Program (NCCRP) —the collaborative effort to restore condors to Yurok Ancestral Territory and the Pacific Northwest. Through these efforts, the Yurok Condor Restoration Program (YCRP) endeavors to reestablish an apex scavenger that has been absent for more than a century, restore the balance and biodiversity that existed prior to Euro-American colonization of the region, and promote a thriving ecology for the benefit of wildlife and humans.

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