Prioritizing the Hubbel Trading Post During Covid-19

Hubbell Trading Post National Historic Site is the oldest operating Trading Post in the United States. Located on Navajo Tribal Lands in northeast Arizona, the trading post represents a meeting ground between the Navajo and the settlers who came into the area to trade. More than a designated place of commerce, the Trading Post is multi-generational thus carries traditions that are passed forward to new generations of Navajo.

In response to the devastating impact of COVID-19 on Navajo Nation, the Hubbell Trading Post National Historic Site was forced to close its doors throughout the pandemic. As an active trading post, this consequence furthered the sting of the economic toll on the local Navajo community. Working with our partners, Western National Parks Association, our 4 the Parks donations were contributed to Weaving Workshops at the Post that yielded employment, education, community engagement, and awareness during the most challenging uncertainties in the most challenging of times for the Navajo. 

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