Parks for Everyone Program

Parks for Everyone Program

Our 4% donations supported Parks California's Parks for Everyone Program. Parks California believes that being outside is fundamental to our wellbeing. Our physical health, our mental health, and the health of our communities all improve drastically when we have the opportunity to build meaningful and long-lasting connections with nature. 

For those of us who are lucky enough to spend time in nature often, it can be easy to lose sight of its positive effects – the same way we don’t notice the smell of the wildflowers when we’ve been outside all afternoon, or the chill of the water when we’ve been swimming for hours.

Yet once spending time outdoors becomes limited, the role it plays in our lives becomes crystal clear. And for many communities, these limitations – both tangible and intangible – have always existed when accessing California’s 280 State Parks. 

Parks California is here to change that. 

With Parks for Everyone, Parks California is building opportunities that give all people the opportunity to reap the benefits of connecting with the outdoors, and in particular, California State Parks, in a way that’s meaningful to them. 

Learn more about this initiative here

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