North Cascades National Park Rare Carnivores Program

Our 4% donations went toward the NOCA (North Cascades National Park) Rare Carnivores Program.

Rare carnivores, such as wolverine, Canada lynx, and Cascade red fox, faced severe persecution and subsequent declines during the last century but are now slowly recovering in the North Cascades.

However, their future remains uncertain in the face of the new threat of a rapidly changing climate - including climate impacts on their prey species. By collecting samples of carnivore scat and conducting fecal DNA analysis to determine who is eating what, park scientists will learn more about the diets of these animals and how they coexist with other carnivores, such as the more common Pacific marten and the recently reintroduced fisher that share similar diets.

This work will be undertaken with the help of teams of community scientists, university students, and collaboration with other agency scientists. This work is incredibly important to keeping the ecosystems and habitats of North Cascades National Park healthy, and ensuring it thrives for generations to come.

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