Keeping Services Open for the Glen Canyon Region

The Powell Museum is one of three out of 11 total visitor services locations the Glen Canyon Conservancy (GCC) serves. Beyond providing educational and informative services respective to the visitor experience, profits yielded by the GCC's operations directly benefit the public lands the GCC is beholden to.

Federal Closures have dramatically hindered the GCC's ability to operate and in turn provide the positive impact mandated in its mission to serve and support its related public lands. The Powell Museum is the GCC's largest operation and also is not controlled by the federal government, thus will allow the GCC to keep its doors open for visitor services for all of the surrounding public lands, while additionally honoring the great General Powell and his impact to our westward expansion and the fight for its natural conservation.

Our 4% donations will help visitor services for the Glen Canyon region stay open regardless of federal shutdowns.

Learn more about the Glen Canyon Conservancy here.