Junior Rangers in Crater Lake National Park

Introducing children to open spaces can create a bond with the outdoors that lasts a lifetime. Intent to help usher in the next generation of public land stewards, Wild Tribute partnered with the Crater Lake Natural History Association this past year to enhance the Junior Ranger program at Crater Lake National Park.

There’s a number of little one’s running around each day here at Wild Tribute. In many ways, they're the reason we yearn to get outside when the work day concludes. They also are often the principal focus when planning our next adventure within our parks and public lands. Junior Ranger programming is one of the most rewarding aspects of the park experience for families to enjoy together; one which we always seek ourselves to take advantage of.

Our Junior Rangers learn, participate, but most importantly take ownership when they commit their oath in front of an official Ranger. Their badge certainly represents more than what the eye sees, and for this reason we are privileged to contribute our 4 the Parks donations to the cause. 

The mission of Crater Lake and Oregon Caves Natural History Association is to be an active partner with the National Park Service to inspire public understanding and foster preservation of natural and cultural resources at Crater Lake National Park and the Oregon Caves National Monument and Preserve.