Transportation for Jackson the Burrow

Transportation for Jackson the Burrow

Our 4% donations went toward securing a trailer for Jackson the Burrow in Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area to help facilitate safe transport to community and school events. 

Adopted in 2012, Jackson the Red Rock Burro is a mascot for BLM’s Wild Horse and Burro Adoption Program and provides area visitors a chance to interact up-close with a locally born and raised burro.

Jackson makes regularly scheduled appearances at Red Rock Canyon NCA and the nearby Spring Mountain Ranch State Park. He is crowd and family friendly, and children are encouraged to feel his fur, pet and interact with him. Jackson loves the attention and will often stick his head out of the corral to interact with kids. A wrangler is always on-hand to manage the encounters and tell stories about Jackson’s adoption, upbringing and the lives of his cousins in the wild. Between his appearances and presence on social media Jackson is fast becoming a favorite fixture of Southern Nevada public lands, especially for families.

It takes all of us -- government, non-profit, mission-based business -- to connect the public to their outdoors spaces in meaningful ways, ways that spur the imagination and motivate the protection of public lands for future generations. While Jackson the Burro acts as a mascot for the BLM’s Wild Horse and Burro Adoption Program, it's Southern Nevada Conservancy's hope that though increased exposure to Jackson and related interactive programs, he can also motivate kids to learn more about their backyard, perhaps becoming the next generation of wildlife biologists, ranger, archaeologists, wildfire managers, and leaders.

Learn more about the Southern Nevada Conservancy here.

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