Adopt-a-Bat Program at Jewel Cave

Adopt-a-Bat Program at Jewel Cave

Jewel Cave is home to nine different of species of bats, many of which use the cave for shelter year-round either as a day roost site in summer or as a hibernaculum in winter. The cave hosts the largest hibernating colony of Townsend’s big-eared bats in South Dakota.

Bats are friends! They eat pests, pollinate flowers, and disperse seeds! But, these friendly flying mammals are under threat due to habitat destruction, climate change, and disease. The adopt-a-bat program donations go toward resource management, bat conservation, and bat research efforts for the bats at Jewel Cave National Monument.


You can adopt-a-bat here! Wild Tribute's 4% donations have contributed to the success of this wonderful program. 


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