OLYM Middle School Science Program in Olympic National Park

OLYM Middle School Science Program in Olympic National Park

Our 4% donations went toward the OLYM Middle School Science Program.

From the Washington National Park Fund’s perspective, 7th and 8th graders should be given the chance to test their skills as young scientists. This project provides that opportunity to all middle schoolers from Stevens Middle School in Port Angeles when they take part in the park’s science field trips.

Seventh graders undertake a Snow Science snowshoeing adventure to Hurricane Ridge in Olympic National Park to discover plant and animal adaptations, learn how to measure snowpack, and explore climate change questions. The school’s eighth graders go on an Elwha Science exploration, collecting data on water quality and river sediments and observing wildlife in Olympic National Park as they help assess the progress of the river’s restoration. Students have been tracking this data for ten years and each year create posters to present their findings to their classmates and the community.

This program creates real youth scientists-- and instills the importance of our national parks, like Olympic National Park where the program takes place, and their resources in the OLYM students.

Learn more about Washington's National Park Fund here.

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