Helping underserved youth in Alaska to explore nature

Helping underserved youth in Alaska to explore nature

The Wild Tribute team can trace our passion for the outdoors and public lands stewardship to the opportunities we’ve each had as children to experience what nature and our surrounding landscapes have to offer. We are partnering with Alaska Geographic and the US Forest Service to create those same opportunities for underserved youth in Alaska by supporting The Chugach Children’s Forest program.

The fulfilling nature of this project from start to finish is fascinating. To learn more about this kid-first initiative click here.

The Chugach Children’s Forest introduces diverse, young Alaskans to their wild backyard. Despite the abundance of wild places in Alaska, many Alaskan youth have never ventured outside their local communities to explore Alaska’s vast expanse of public lands. The Chugach Children’s Forest empowers and enables Alaska youth to explore these wild places that are so close, yet so far.

Alaska Geographic is the official  nonprofit education and fundraising partner to Alaska’s National Parks, National Wildlife Refuges, National Forests, and BLM Conservation Lands, creating and delivering exceptional education programs and products through our collaboration with public lands agencies.

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