Grand Teton Logo LS T-Shirt

$ 38.99

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Our classic Wild Tribute logo has taken on new form with the symbolic moose of Grand Teton National Park. This ultra-comfortable long sleeve T-Shirt is sure to delight.

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Width Length
Small 36-38 28
Medium 39-41 29
Large 42-44 30
XL 45-48 31
XXL 49-52 32
3XL 53-55 33


Poly Cotton/Microsuede Blend

This microsuede is literally the softest shirt that we sell. Its heaven. 


60% Combed Ringspun Cotton
40% Microsuede Polyester

Washing Instructions

Always wash inside-out in cold water on a delicate cycle. Liquid detergent if possible. Air-drying is highly recommended.


Wild Tribute donates 4% of its proceeds (revenues not profits) to support our parks, forests, and public lands. With your support, our "4 the Parks" donations are approaching $1,000,000. This is our "Wild Tribute".

Together, our donations have provided supplies, meals, transport, and shirts to children in Grand Teton's Youth Paint-Out in addition to supporting an initiative to procure recyclable bags to make Grand Teton bagless.

Read more about our "Wild Tribute" here...


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