LEGACY America's Best Idea Water Bottle Made in USA


This is a LEGACY item. Your favorite designs from Flow397 (our old name) are still available to purchase while supply lasts.  FREE SHIPPING on orders over $75. 4% of Wild Tribute's sales are donated to America's national parks and public lands. Your donation for this water bottle is $1.20.

Whats more American than our national parks? Our most beautiful lands, birthplaces of our most famous presidents, and even battlefields where over 19,000 soldiers lost their lives in a single day fighting for our freedom. The parks truly are America's Best Idea and 2016 celebrates the 100 year anniversary of the national park service. As with all of our popular typography designs, the entire flag is made of words…within the flag you will find over 200 unique national park units.

100% Recycled Water bottles

Our water bottles are made in America with 100% recycled materials at an EPH Certified Green factory with zero waste and zero emission. Completely free of BPA and BPH. Average of 14 aluminum soda cans make one Flow397 water bottle. Caps on the bottles have a unique “quarter turn click” system designed to withstand 50psi and able to keep beverages carbonated for 12 days. Caps are also threadless so no bacteria will build up where the bottle makes contact with mouth.


14 recycled aluminum soda cans


24 ounces

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