Joshua Tree Vintage Circle Trucker Hat

$ 34.95

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Joshua Tree National Park captures the essence of our public lands. One of a kind to the natural world, a playground for recreation, and memories that wait at every turn. The Joshua Tree Vintage Circle Trucker Hat embodies your nostalgia for this national treasure. 

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Just like there's a difference between a normal T-shirt and your favorite T-shirt, the right hat is an extension of not just your look, but also what you stand for. Our hats are manufactured with this in mind. We have upgraded the mesh, included bold colors, and added many other intricate details. Through extensive testing and customer feedback, we also are confident we have achieved that perfect fit. What do you think?

This hat is a structured 6-panel Trucker Hat with a Woven Patch on the front.


Visor and Front Panels 100% Cotton Twill. Back Panels 100% Polyester.


Wild Tribute donates 4% of its proceeds to support our parks, forests, oceans, and public lands. With your support, our "4 the Parks" donations have eclipsed $1,000,000 and beyond. This is our wild tribute.

Together, we have helped Joshua Tree National Park procure an air quality monitoring system. We also have helped fund the Park's WIFI expenses in their educational centers to facilitate research and education programs in addition to helping purchase podcast equipment for their Ranger Broadcasts.

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