Jefferson National Parks Association

Jefferson National Parks Association

Jefferson National Parks Association is a vital non-profit partner to national parks, public lands and historic places. Though based in St. Louis, Missouri, its current operations span five states. JNPA-supported visitor centers, park retail stores, museums, publications and products serve millions of park visitors each year.

Revenue Sources

The proceeds from JNPA store sales and other programs allow it to invest an average of $3 million annually in eight partner parks for educational programming, exhibits, special events and site improvements. JNPA also raises funds through direct donations, and the sale of Arch license plates (to Missouri car owners). We invite you to make a generous contribution to support our critical educational mission.

History of JNPA

JNPA is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization incorporated in 1961. Its roots extend to the early days of the establishment of the Gateway Arch National Park (formerly known as Jefferson National Expansion Memorial). JNPA's first decades were focused on support for this one national park. In 1989, it expanded its partnership with a second park -- the Ulysses S. Grant National Historic Site -- and affiliated with additional partner parks in subsequent years, thus warranting a name change to Jefferson National Parks Association in 1999.

Learn more about Jefferson National Parks Association here

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